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Ron Alpert

Ron Alpert:  For more than 15 years, I have been coaching individuals and professionals around North America to achieve their greatness. I have found that working with professionals, once they are committed to their own success, nothing will stop them. Taking that knowledge and adding it to individual and small group coaching I found that nothing short of miraculous can be achieved if everybody is committed to achieving their dreams and desires.


My background began in customer service growing up in the Retail industry where I learned the client is most important. I was mentored by some of the very best in the industry.  Taking that understanding forward, I have nearly 40 years experience in the Real Estate industry mentoring individuals, couples and families to obtain the home of their dreams.

Fifteen years ago, I began my coaching career with Landmark Education and expanded my skills with various coaching and consulting companies including Tony Robbins coach training, helping clients in the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

Finally, I led hundreds of boys and their parents through Boy Scouts of America to achieve their ranks, complete community service projects and obtain their Eagle rank, and, in becoming an adult in service to the community!

Meg Fritton

Meg has been inspired by every person she has been honored and privileged to create a coaching relationship with over the past 18 years. Meg’s passion for making a difference with people pulled her into the world of coaching in the early 2000s beginning at Landmark Education, thereafter participating in Experiential Education with Pax Programs, working with professional Speakers, Consultants and Coaches, and, creating, leading and training Coaching Programs for multiple businesses in US and Canada. 

Meg was raised in Middle America where she learned a strong sense of family values, integrity and loyalty. Meg practices yoga regularly and has an inseparable love affair with food, gardening and sustainability which help keep her balanced, centered, satisfied and truly happy.

Meg helps couples and individuals develop their existing strengths and skills through using the DISC Assessment tools and empowers her clients to see things from new perspectives as well as gain the knowledge and insights needed to empower you and achieve the things that matter to you. Meg creates accountability, through clarity, focus and strategy to facilitate in empowering you to remove your barriers to success by providing the motivation and support structures, to help you execute and perform.

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